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We are bringing construction into the 21st century by automating the design, planning and construction of houses. Enabling customers to 3D print their dream home in 24 hours. We've built a sustainable business model that enables us to combat the housing crisis by building thousands of safe and secure houses a year, whilst still allowing people to design and build their perfect home.
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World First House



This event will take place in central London with over 10,000 invited guests including architects, politicians, housing associations, home builders, investors, journalists, property developers, engineers, acedemics, mortgage companies, councils and charities. During the show we are building the UK’s first ever 3D printed house, which is set to break 5 Guinness World Records, a day that will surely be noted in the history books.


We welcome any interested investors and innovators to join us in this momentus occasion that showcases the potential of the technology. Not local? 3Developers is going on tour to a town near uo. Register your interest now to receive further details.