3Developers | Franchise
We are bringing construction into the 21st century by automating the design, planning and construction of houses. Enabling customers to 3D print their dream home in 24 hours. We've built a sustainable business model that enables us to combat the housing crisis by building thousands of safe and secure houses a year, whilst still allowing people to design and build their perfect home.
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Becoming a franchisee with 3Developers places you at the forefront of this groundbreaking technology, with a competitive advantage going forward. We are focised on providing you the best technology and will provide all building materials and training for your building projects.


Our streamlined software enables you to plan and manage day to day running costs effectivley, along with 24/7 support. Franchise locations are available for a limited time only, make sure you claim your desired region now to avoid dissapointment.


Faster turnarounds, a single building can take just 24 hours to complete


Reduced expenses and outgoings


High yields within the first year of trading


Consistent technical and organisational support from the 3Developers team

Three easy steps to becoming a franchisee


3Developers provides you research and facts on each of the franchise areas you are interested in.

Comprehensive information packs include up to date statistics and measurements on the feasibilty of potential building projects.


When a site is selected the franchise makes an application with 3Developers, who then oversees a selection process to ensure that the investment is viable for all stakeholders.


Once a contract has been signed, 3Developers works closely with each franchisee to ensure they have the appropiate funds and resources available to get started.