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We are bringing construction into the 21st century by automating the design, planning and construction of houses. Enabling customers to 3D print their dream home in 24 hours. We've built a sustainable business model that enables us to combat the housing crisis by building thousands of safe and secure houses a year, whilst still allowing people to design and build their perfect home.
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Our Company

3D House

Our Company

3Developers was formed in early 2014, by serial entrepreneur Stafford Carrington. Through a passion to solve the global housing crisis, Carrington worked with a team of engineers and scientists to create this ambitious technology company. 3Developers have since created revolutionary 3D Print Construction robotics that can provide cheaper, faster and eco-friendly building methods.


With 3D printing set to automate the construction industry, 3Developers are now actively seeking investors who are interested in taking the product worldwide. Interested stakeholders can choose from a variety of ways to invest including purchasing a 3Developers franchise, licensing the technology, funding development projects or buying shares in unique crowdfunding offerings.


We aspire to be the funding arm in the growth of the 3D Print Construction industry, creating superior building methods and providing investors with excellent returns. Our business strives to build franchises and partners all over the globe with whom we can share our expertise and accelerate the 3D Print movement. As a result 3Developers’ is working towards the overall mission to provide a solution to the global housing crisis.



By 2025 the 3D Print Construction market is predicted to be worth $11 trillion, by owning just 1% of that market share our company will be worth more than Google. Our vision is to see our original franchisors and investors grow with us, achieving maximum returns and strong capital growth. We envision our technology advancing along with growth, ensuring thatt we are always the global leaders in 3D Print Construction technology.

Social Responsibility


In the UK 40% of 18-35 year olds still live with their parents and 1.6 million people live in substandard or temporary overpriced accommodation. Millions of people around the world die every year from homelessness and poor housing, and countless communities are lacking fundamental facilities.


3Developers was born out of a drive to change housing through better construction methods. By utilising disruptive and progressive technology. 3D Print Construction gives billions of people around the world the opportunity to have good quality shelter at a fraction of today’s housing costs. Automating the house building process and tackling affordability will bring the world one giant step closer to solving the housing crisis.



Construction activity and waste production are having a detrimental effect on our planet, as harnful chemicals are released into the atmosphere and landfill sites struggle to keep up with growing amount of unwanted resources. The industry today produces 109m tonnes of construction waste each year (24% of total waste), of which up to 13% ias result of poor storage practices and incorrect orders.


3Developers has therefore set out to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials with their 3D printers and introduce new constuction methods that limit waste. Best practices are used through the building process from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition. 3D print technology not only reduces waste by precision building but eliminates air and noise pollution usually associated with construction.

Our Team

Stafford Carrongton

Serial enterpreneur with over 20 years of experience. Stafford has launched different businesses in recruitment, property and entertainment in Dubai, Thailand and the US.

Stafford Carrington

Founder & CEO
Mark Speare

Mark has a MBA degree from the University of Portland and over 6 years of management experience including construction management.

Mark Speare

Operations Director

Ian's practical approach and vision has seen him take companies through IPO and commercialization.

Ian Lyon

Strategy Director
Anthony Lilley

Anthony is an award winning architect with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. He has worked on some of London's most prestigious projects.

Anthony Lilley

Project Director