3Developers | Technology
We are bringing construction into the 21st century by automating the design, planning and construction of houses. Enabling customers to 3D print their dream home in 24 hours. We've built a sustainable business model that enables us to combat the housing crisis by building thousands of safe and secure houses a year, whilst still allowing people to design and build their perfect home.
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3D Printer

3d printed concrete

Why is our technology revolutionary?

3Developers offers cheaper, faster and sustainable alternatives to convetional construction methods. The printer enables bespoke building material to be used and can work with multiple architectural needs, remaining fluid and versatile with designs.

Where most 3D printers on the market are based off-site, 3Devlelopers designed theirs to build on-site. Easy mobility means it can be transported anywhere in the world. As per request, the printer can also build other product types such as pre fab buildings, speed walls and containers.

There is a significant reduction of costs as labour expenses are lowered by 50-80%. Material usage is lowered by 30-60%. While construction times are faster by 50-70%. Health and safety risks are reduced by the elimnation of dangerous jobs and the product is environmentally friendly, where recycled products can be used as consrtuction materials.

3Developers advanced robotics not only produce hig quality builds, but are technically precise and can promise error free constructions.

How it works

To start the process a digital blueprint is formed, the building is designed by 3Developers architects and can be customised to suit the customers’ specifications. The automated 3D printer then creates the superstructure using the additive process, pouring concrete layer by layer until completion.

After 24 hours the intial stage will be completed. Where required, 3Developers supplies clients with their local secondary installation partners, such as utility providers and unti fitting companies. As the service is offered full cycle 3Developers can take care of the process from start to finish ensuring that budgets are met and best practices are adhered.