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We are bringing construction into the 21st century by automating the design, planning and construction of houses. Enabling customers to 3D print their dream home in 24 hours. We've built a sustainable business model that enables us to combat the housing crisis by building thousands of safe and secure houses a year, whilst still allowing people to design and build their perfect home.
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Why invest

Why invest?

The global housing market is an important component of this investment, and in many countries, housing makes up the largest component of wealth. Property tends to be the largest financial asset most households invest in. In France, for example, less than a quarter of households own stocks or shares, but 60% are homeowners. Housing is significant for many reasons, for instance, mortgage markets are important in the transmssion of monetary policy. Therefore a well functioning housing sector is critical to the overall health of the economy.

Current Conditions



Addressing the worldwide shortage of affordable housing could cost 20 trillion GBP by 2025. Studies suggest 1.6 billion people across the world or a third of the urban population could be living in substandard housing or foregoing essentials within 10 years. It is estimated the cost of rebuilding and replacing housing to be between 11 and 14 trillion GBP – reaching 20 million pounds with land included.

Mckinsey Global Institute (MGI)

Sales Team

We have over 100 commission based sales executives currently in training getting ready to sell the product and find opportunities in over 80 different countries.


We are building partnerships with key industry professionals globally to ensure we are using the best materials and local expertise in our projects.


We are investing in development centres to train our representatives to maintain standards and offer our customers the best service and information.